Stage 0 - FreeBee

This one is a freebee, just to get you warmed up. No tricks here. We promise.

Claim this token: 93f4f193-62a5-4bec-acaa-f17322bdc65e

From here on out, unless instructed otherwise, the URL to the next stage can be calculated.${current_stage + 1}-${SHA256("DAT SWEET TOKEN"}.html

So the next URL will be... stages/1-????????????.html

Stage 1 - 🔫🤐🇮🇹

This challenge has been tweeted.

Stage 2 - Happy Hunting

Spend some time in your FAVorite first person shooter! Play!

Stage 3 - Quiz Time!

Hope you did your homework. 0x03 dot 0x0E dot 0x7C dot 0x62 colon 0x539

Stage 4 - From Russia With Love